Just read a reading from ‘Margaret Benadall’ where she explains the trend of ‘trumpeting traditional school success and marketing your school around largely pitching at parents about traditional successinstead of innovation!‘ This process also sees schools favouring resources spent on traditional school success instead of improving learning for students. She also describes how schools would have well-intended work to build school culture ‘too often became the pursuit of what was good for the school, rather than what was good for the student. 

We hear how ‘adaptability is the key for New Zealand’s future welfare and that we do best as a small nation when we create new solutions, develop innovative ways in business, science and the arts.

‘Bendall’ explains how ‘business leaders talk about the need for enterprise to improve our performance as a nation‘ why is this not aligned to the root of our society in education? Why are we slow to change in the educational sector? ‘Bendall’ describes how the buisness model of tomorrows schools underpins in favour of the ‘comfort’ of current stakeholders. Comfort = traditional model. If we want our students to contribute to our society in these ways then surely we have to develop new ways of catering for our students to be innovative and have the ability to be creative thinkers.

I’m still reading about lots more complex issues…..competitive environment Roll funding – Thriving schools!