Term 2 Reflection

We had a Term 3 planning day towards the end of the term and the first thing we did was to reflect on our journey so far! We soon realised that our students have been busy!

We reflected on the key focus areas that we ‘working well’ for our students. The main points were that our –

Students exposed to higher order thinking all to do with Growth Mindset.  This has resulted in students having a can do attitude and it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay not to have mastered new things YET. It is wonderful to remove the years 1-4 category and teach all students to their ability/stage. Wonderful also to see the wide range of ages working collaboratively and utilising all of the different spaces.  Students are on task and there is constantly a learning hum.  Students are choosing to move further away from the LM (“The fledgling’s have left the nest”). We are all comfortable with each other and even working more in a team teaching (not sure of the terminology to use there).

Students having a lot of different opportunities and having a lot of hands on experiences. Contextual learning- Anzac day, fire engine, helicopter… Students are focused and happy/ excited to be here. Settled into school well. Teacher and students activating the spaces, a lot of different things happening all over the habitat. Students self managing and independent with technology.

Lots of engagement from students and look like they are enjoying learning. Students have choice and voice and can talk about their learning in relation to life. Most spaces are being used effectively and children know expectations of learning. Mentors are making use of each others strengths and are supporting where needed. Progress is more evident (but is this an age thing??).

Students enjoying learning and having fun. Engaged with a wide variety of learning happening. We are working more as a team and using all of our strengths more which is supporting our students. Learning is being connected to our environment and real life experiences also connected to our Concept Core memories!

It was really good to hear honest reflections of where we are at in our journey so far. We have all noticed a vast improvement in students understanding and applying our learning values.