I’ve been reading about the various levels of ‘real’ collaboration within education. It’s a critical factor for us in our environment that work collaborativly with each other as we are in contact all the time! Roanna, a learning mentor in ‘Skippers’ Habitat summed this up nicely as ‘it’s like being in a flatting situation.’

For me, leading a new team this year, I reflect back on how I started with focusing the team on modern learning practice but we didn’t have a team working collaboratively. I soon changed the focus on the elements of good ‘teaming’ from Tony Burkin to build a strong cohesive team. Part of our team PD days was to brainstorm how we want our Skippers community to feel, hear and see and how we can influence this.

The question that Fullen, Timperley ask is what does real collaboration look like? How do we know when we see it…hear it…experience it?

So our collaboration journey so far in Skippers  looks like, planning together in different MLP models each day, week, such a team teaching, support teaching. Having a shared understanding about all of our students and we are now all taking action to support our students with learning needs. It’s just fantastic to have all 4 mentors plus our support teachers inputting into these students!

We all input to decisions as a team and drive change as we move along and get a deeper understanding of our students and our environment. It does feel like no one person could do this alone and we need each other in this environment.

We support each other with support for students throughout the day. We are starting to get advice and reflect with each other now we are more comfortable and build some relationship credits! We bounce ideas of each other at any time.

Importantly we are now challenging ideas as we move forward. But we all need each other to drive on agreed vision for our team such as next term we would like our students to be able to talk about their learning and know there next steps so learning is personalised.