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Work/Life balance

This year has been a busy year and this is an area that I look back on and can’t believe that time has gone so fast. In that time, I’ve been a part of a new school set up with some complex changes.

Unfortunately, I have myself to blame as I’ve neglected time for myself, family and friends and keeping fit and healthy. How did this happen? It’s a number of things and a big one is putting pressure on myself to make sure we ‘market well.’

Changing the way we work as a team has needed lots of thought and preparation and I couldn’t have envisaged how adaptive I have needed to be to the needs of the team. It changes constantly. It’s been necessary to lead professional development in our team and think carefully of the needs of everyone and how I can get everyone on board the journey together.

Challenging the way we have done things before in our ‘climate of possibilities.’ This happens all the time. Challenging and asking the ‘why?’ What are we doing or thinking the way we think from our past experiences. Working alongside each other to try out ideas and go through ‘failure.’ For some, this was the first time and it’s been important to support this new way of learning encouraging reflective thought. Making time to support colleagues and mentor.

I’ve put pressure on myself to just doing things well and supporting others along the way to do the same. There have been so many new ways of doing things which still change which is great but still at times require time.

Moving forward (ideas)

Sustainably engaged

Being conscious and choosing what I say yes to will be something I will need to develop next. I need to recognise that it’s important to recharge/refuel and breathe.