Four Minute talk about my Influence about education and learning

Re-Imagine education (Ben)

Video Clip –  Did you know?

Not built because the current fad and we are re-imagining things here. Back in the day when you train in a profession, you have a set of knowledge – high value to that. Those professions you can make a good income. Not the case anymore. Safe professions are being devalued by globalisation. Cost is now cheaper. No longer a  defined body of knowledge.

Guy Glaxton Quote – Trust world

Ken Robinson – Ted Talk animation – Changing education pari = History of education and where we are today. Exact opposite of standardisation – possibilities? How can we foster creativity? Start off with the capacity and deteriorates by being educated. Happens this way because it’s in the gene pool of education. Collaboration is the growth of learning. About the culture of the habitat.

When you watch this you can fall in a trap  – We need to continually ask ‘Why?’ we are doing it? Professional responsibility. Can be guilty of going to one extreme to another. E.g phonics/whole language – not throw both out but can do both.

Formal learning – Social learning

Challenge is have we changed? Our new space – has learning changed? It looks very different

  • We still classify them from the year that they were born! Human beings are never boxed
  • Relationship based – Students having passions and learn new knowledge of what he has learnt socially. Having gear and learning moves. Biggest teaching from You Tube. Mastered Skills – They also use experts giving him tips as well. Peers giving feedback as well. Highly motivated. – Highly motivated socially

Ben – Why does this have to be different at school?

Authentic Learning – Not enough just to hold knowledge anymore

  • Knowledge around  =   youtube
  • Implement new knowledge = was excited about what learnt naturally shared with parents
  • Expert to improve self =

Constantly be changing – be comfortable with change. Change is a good thing and what happening with society. Can be uncomfortable at times.

Reading – David Price – book Open. What attracts students to come? Are we offering them something that’s quite engaging for them? Indicator things going well – students want to come to school.

Video – Ken Robinson – Death Valley

Human Life flourishes

  • Human are naturally inherently different and diverse
  • What kids can do – narrow focus on strands disciplines – real education has to give weight to arts, humanities, PE
  • Broad curriculum – celebrates their passions
  • Curiosity – light the spark for children – engine of achievement
  • Teachers are the lifeblood and is a creative profession (mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage)

Whole point of education is to get people to learn _ Ken

Role of teacher is to facilitate learning. Assessment not the dominant culture. Standardised testing should support learning. Not a culture of compliance. But should be to excite creativity and curiosity. High performing schools –

Personalised learning, Very high status to teaching profession, devolve to school level to get things done. Learning is a human system not mechanical system.

The real role of leadership is creating the ‘right climate.’ Movable people who make things happen. A revolution. Creating a Climate of Possibility’

Ben – goal to give you autonomy and can be challenging. You need to have your autonomy. All Blacks clip – Steve Hansen.

SPS 5 Learning Beliefs – Joy – having joy and learning at the same time.

The one thing that changes everything is ‘Trust’

Quotes for Principals of Learning – Don’t change. All blacks – Intelligent failure and learnt from mistakes. Critical to good learning. Not wasting the mistakes we make.

Book – Peter Senge – Approval of the teacher. Not about kids getting our approval but expect guidance to deepen knowledge.

Children need to have a deep confidence that they can learn. Support students and parents with growth mindset. Solve complex problems.

Video – animation carol dweck mindset + NZ Curriculum ‘understanding of NZ curriculum’ = scope, flexibility and authority.’ NZ curriculum mandate –

  • Localised and school based, every school has its own curriculum.
  • Meaningful and beneficial to their particular communities and students. p 37
  • Allow teachers, scope, make interpretations, meet needs, talents or individuals and groups p37

Have you as an educator had autonomy? Or had freedom?

Not hard long term plans – weight standardised tests,

Video – Julia Atkin Essence of NZ curriculum = developing child with key competences

Research – ‘The size and the prettiness of the plan is inversely related to the quality of action.

Learning should have an element of struggle