This is what changes everything. 

The higher the trust the quicker things occur. Not second guessing their motavations which can slow everything down .

‘When we’re great at trust everything else gets better’  Stephen Covey

Trust is learning and social – Number one for leadership – It can be learnt

Hard to define – hard to describe to someone – feel trust – can feel it when their is none. We have been in an environment where their is no trust and the feeling comes from that. HIgh trust – character and competence

Trust/spin – what we say is honest conversations not what they need to hear.

Respect/selective respect – Respecting each other and everyone deserves respect

Transaparency/Hidden Agenda – say what you mean and feel not ulterative motive

Loyalty/BackStab- loyal to the school increasing levels of loyalty = trustworthiness

Deliver activities/motion – agreed deadlines to be met

Person accountable/Blame – taking responsibility not blaming

Levels of trust 

self – relational – organsaitional – market

Trustworthy = Credibility = believable

This leads to Integrity  + increase capability 

SPS high trust and great culture and environment – sharing