Guy Claxton – How does this link to the SPS beliefs? Our Professional Learning? And links to developing Learning Focused Relationships.

Importance about language – moving away from ‘fixity’ born a certain way but moving towards learnable intelligence. How we can expand our learning capacity. How can I stretch my ability to think and learn? The crucial shift for teachers is to coach the expansion of mental capacity.

Habitat change is a different type of learning- realising that the way you talk to students to encourage students to be interested in difficulty. This means understanding, commitment, reflecting. This related to the NZ Key competencies in the curriculum.

Becoming more inquisitive and experimental as teachers.

How does this relate to our learning so far as SPS?

Discussion – We discussed the move to growing our students capacity to take ownership and to use questioning and statements to support them to think differently. Coaching through the day with our values.

Purpose of Learning focused relationships is to Create

competent, self motavated and involved citizens– Guy Claxton

Clarity in the Classroom – p34-p35 Responses/Take Away/Reflections

Equitable – Equality

Learning Focused Relationships – ‘who arrives in an emotional storm at the beginning and needs to be helped to learn strategies to put it to one side.

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What are the main messages I have communicated to my students?

 Reflect on the relationships you have formed with the children you work with.

  • What are the main messages I have communicated to my students?
  • How have I developed these messages with my students?
  • What impact has this had on my students?

How would you define a Learning Focused Relationship? 

Teacher engineering and supporting students to learn. What they are learning? Why they are learning this? And what they are learning? Lots of checking in. Is this session/workshop for me? Accessing their own assessment data. Self regulating learner will give the students agency and have resources to support their learning when they need it. Flexible spaces . NOT lengthy lessons at the front but can opt in and opt out to fit their learning. Students have choice about who they collaborate with. Choice about the teachers they work with.

So what next for our students in the habitat? What are our challenges?

Nick shared – regulated their time, space, relationships. Student’s have been in another system for 5 years. Our focus has been relationships and self-regulating their use of the space.

‘Next possibly linking students to own their learning and reflect on it when completing tasks such as learning menu or follow-up activities and why they are doing it.’