This weeks meeting focus was about building capacity with Trust. The word came through when we were developing our BPP together and we unpacked it. After reflecting back on the initial process I felt as though we had an agreed value of trust but the meaning was quite different between us. (How could I move the team to share an agreed understanding?) I read an article about how important trust is to team building and how it can support us to be a high-performing team.

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.– Frank Crane, American minister and author

As relationships were building and with 5 in the immediate team with other staff members starting to have more influence in the habitat, I felt it important as a foundation of the other parts of teaming challenges that were coming up such as challenging conversations with each other to grow our capacity.

We started off with a brainstorm about what the word Trust means to us. What experiences we have had around trust and why we think it’s important.


Brainstorming             “What does trust mean to you?”

We then shared our experinces and it was interesting to hear the variety of experiences and understanding of trust. A very personal thing. Q. How can I influence an alignment of team trust capability with personal beliefs?  

Some key links between us came out –

  • It makes me feel as though the team have each others back
  • I feel it creates a safe environment
  • I become confident in the environment
  • It helps us to be honest with each other
  • I could have difficult conversations
  • we are all on the same page as a team

This came from deep discussion and we talked about how good to was to understand each other. There was also a variety of ways that each team member had trust from having no trust and building it to giving full trust and then keeping it. Both sides of the spectrum with some sitting along the continuum.

So what next? TO move towards and alignment – Where does it sit with our BPP? Is it part of our belief? Or a Principle of our belief? Do we need to Unpack practices of trust? 

Linking back to SPS leadership BPP

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