Over the last few weeks, I’ve been meeting with each team member to set some goals and coach them along the way. Why? Part of building capacity with a focus on teaming and individual goals.

I asked each member to bring –

  • Desired reality
  • One sentence job description
  • SPS Teaching Criteria
  • BPP Hays Teaming

We then looked at their all three documents and reflected back to the desired reality and how they wanted to get towards their desired reality. Was there something there that would build capacity for them personally? We looked at aligning each document and during all 3 processes with each team member we could see that all documents could be linked to make one goal.

I used this coaching format from’Impact Leadership’ that the SLT had been using. I found it really useful to coach each member to identify a goal and what that might look like in the future. How would I see that I had achieved my goal?

FullSizeRender 12
Coaching card from ‘Impact Leadership’ 

Each session started with ‘Where are you at?’ And it was great to hear from each mentor self reflect and share what they thought were there strengths so far and where then needed to develop. From there we linked to goals within Desired reality and other documents and then discussed approached of the process to reach their goal.

The Process of Reaching their Goals (Coaching!) – TFor me, this was the important part, exciting part. I used the models in ‘Quiet Leadership’ to talk through the process.

It was important t0 (Quiet Leadership p36) FullSizeRender 13

– support each mentor to do the thinking in ways they could develop their goal’

– Look towards solutions to walk towards their goal by being challenging and supportive

– focus on the process not the outcome of their goals

After each of these meetings, I reflected on some next steps – 

I think I did a bit more of the thinking at times than I should have. Maybe this is because it’s the first time? Next time more focus on the thinking process of my team members. How are they thinking to reach their goals?


Next Step with my team – work on Reality