Last week we looked at what trust means to use personally. Today we started out by drawing a continuum of trust starting at no trust to full trust. We plotted ourselves on the continuum and quickly saw that we were in different places of trust. Each person explained why they had plotted themselves on the continuum range from gaining trust to having full trust.

I then posed some questions at the 2 ends of the continuum of trust. Describe the relationships at each level. What is it like? How does it feel? How well do you communicate?

FullSizeRender copy.jpg
Here we thought about relationships with high trusting and the possibilities when working at this level. 



Working in a low trust relationship. Communication was highlighted that would be detrimental to the team. 



We shared experiences, brainstormed and has lots of discussion. It was clear to see the difference between a high and low trust relationship and how that might impact the team.


Interesting to see the weighting of working in a low trust environment. Lots of previous experiences in working in this level. These experiences are very different. Now, the next stage is for us to work towards having a full trusting relationship and teaming at this level. Can you imagine the difference it would make if you were able to increase the amount of trust in the important personal and professional relationships in your life?

Next to look at the previous interpretations of trust as we all came with different ideas and unpack Myths and Reality. 

Book reference – The Speed of Trust – Stephen Covey.