Today I led assembly to share a message. I choose to share a message about developing a community. I started by asking the question…Who wants to be an M.I.B agent?

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Why M.I.B? Well i was thinking of an acronym that students could carry and use in our environment to develop a positive culture and start to reflect on how am I personally making things better at Shotover Primary. I played the song from Men In Black and discussed with they school who they were? I got the reply “Undercover Secret Agents” 

I asked who wants to be an Undercover Secret Agent at Shotover Primary School but we would look at a different range of skills. Lots of hands up, great recruitment drive already!

I got them to put there agent glasses on to see if they could identify from a clip special attributes that a M>I.B agent could have. What would it look like, feel like and what do you see?

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I also aligned this to our value of collaboration. If we really want to collaborate together then we need to take action and be pro-active to make it a better place. The students then identified a range of ways that people were being helped.


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I shared this quote – to say that start with the small actions and they do make a difference. 

I then shared our journey so far and areas that we can make better around the school. I shared pictures of clothes left around, rubbish in the school grounds and lost property. I invited 2 students to come and where some M.I.B shades to give advice how they could make it better.

Finished up by asking the mentors and students if they could start ot create our own film with some reflections each day. Completing film strips reflections showing them how they have taken action to M.I.B it.

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Linking back to our Leadership BPP

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