The focus for this team meeting was to look at which Performing group development stage stage of teaming we were at using Bruce Tuckman model. Nick, one of the team led the discussion about each stage and where each member thought we were at. There were different ideas of where we were at but after some reflective questioning we decided we were at the Storming stage or just about going into it. So what did this mean?  

We felt as though we were just starting to challenge each others ideas, small frustrations of how things were done and undefined roles within the habitat as we were still finding that out with each other. Nick then led discussion of how we could support each other to have positive communbication duitng this time.

After this we moved into above the line and below the line communication. If we are challenging each other and trying to clarify roles which might bring some anxiety and stress. What ways could we communicate in a supportive way to grow each other? Tamsin led this discussion and we watched the clip below.

She then led us into some relfective questioning of how we as a team would like to have communication between us or some examples of communication that has been below the line. Tricky conversations were had and it was good to discuss the responses with honest examples.


I did see a complete change in communication the next day. It will be good to see if the team now have those difficult honest conversations when communication goes below the line and if our norm is created in the team to have above the line conversations.