Reflection of my Leadership against the SPS Leadership BPP



In Term 3, I met with Ben to talk about my leadership. This is called leadership State of Play and to see what’s going well and what to identify areas of development. As it’s a new process for me, it was good to reflect on ways in which I’m making the acts of leadership and  principles come alive. Parts that I think I’m doing that support the team are building solid sustainable relationships which is so important in the first year and with our collaborative environment. We’ve worked on developing and understanding Trust and actually trusting each other. Something that can’t be taken for granted. Also to see our beliefs about trust and where we are as a team and need to develop, A foundation for teaming. I still need to work on this continually and chip away at our Hays team BPP and reflect on if the acts are becoming alive. In a short time thougfh we’ve become a tight unit who really look after each other and can now build each others capacity by being more open with each other. Getting there…


I also reflectied on parts of the Vision of the school about connecting to our unique environment and being connected with our community. I think we do thi sreally well through the curriculum area of concept. Being incolved in community events and touching base with people in our community has supported the powerful learning we are wanting at Shotover Primary School. Also comminty coming into our habitat and leadning sessions and vbeing supported and valued. We also supported our new caretaker.  It was graet to see more linking of curriculum areas this term with literacy flowing on from Concept. Wrtiing linking to describing the impacts we see in our community to reading looking how an author describes using specific language. How did this happen? It came from pulling the school vision apart at the end of term 2 and identifying an area to work on whcih was connecting with our community and also linked to our vision.


The 1:1 coaching has been better this term in having a structure to work with and uisng the Aim/Reality/Action framwork. This led to deeper conversations – deeper learning and lots more action where the team has pushed themslelves into the unknown…such as having more difficult conversations with each other and being accountable. I feel it now has a different feel when these conversations are happening as it against our BPP instead of a personal feeling. Im developing in this area bwith the coaching model but also the levels of support to give and when. I worked with 2 mentors in a situation where I provided some clear structure which ended up in a good outcome, definelty raised their capacity.


I’ve really enjoyed seeing the team develop there innovation to curriculum design and moving away from standalone subjects to workshops with more student choice. The team are having contact time with nearly all the students in some capacity adn this has really supported building relationships. Students are seeking support from all of us at different times..which is a really good thing.


Next goals to work on is to support more distribution of leadership (building leadership capability.. I’ve been reading about this and need to be clear about any misconceptions what I think disribution of learning might be. I’ve already started with members of the team leading experts coming into the habitat and being involved in an aspect of learning during team meetings. Also need to be mindful of supporting everyone through this new process and also insuring the right style of leadership is happening. Leadership from the centre so will have to do some learning around this with the team.


From the leadership State of Play we made a couple of goals that I identify through  reflection.  Looking at curriculum design, content knowledge, formative assessment, The next go to work on the next 5 weeks will be formative assessment.  work that we’ve done so far is using the SPS progressions,  using the Shotover pebbles in the different curriculum areas but I  observed that there we did not have the same understanding. So how can I  influence change?


So So I started by getting initial understanding of what we all thought formative assessment was as a team.  and now it’s a lining those thoughts to what it actually is and what can work for us in our habitat for our learners. I’d also look at doing a BPP on formative assessment  so that we can get some clear understanding and consistency and making it a weekly reflection.  this also could be Incorporated into our weekly meetings and soft systems such as students recording themselves but actually talking about the process of learning. Also unpacking the direct acts of formative assessment will be a key for this development.


Distribution of leadership is another key area of development for the next few weeks.  for me it will be thinking about what to distribute? and to whom?  And the level of support they will need to raise their capacity in leadership?  During that time I’ll need to make sure I factor in some coaching to support this process possibly using the coaching structure.
Next term will be self-appraisal meetings and after our professional development with Tony it made me really think about the changes we are making to move away from appraisal to self-appraisal and continuous learning which we will call Kaizen. It’s an area I identified from term 3 leadership State of Play driving your own inquiry.  So from me,  it’s crucial next term to dig deep about future development to ultimately grow each other and be a better  in our profession ,   team member,  person. I’m already thinking about 2017 and now we have developed stronger relationships it will support developing each other.